Snacking can be an unhealthy habit. But if you prefer these ten healthy snacks including walnuts, dried mangoes, Healthy Snacks Protein strawberries with yogurt, apples, roasted inchi seeds covered with chocolate, veggie sticks, energy balls, vegetable soup, green salad with protein, and oat meal- rich in fiber, you will not regret and won’t end up having a lot of calories. All of them are low calories snacks.

Snacking can be unhealthy and you may end up having a lot of calories which play role in gaining weight. So, if you do not want to have extra calories and do not want to end up gaining weight then this article can help you in this regard.

How to Do Healthy Snacking?

As it is mentioned above that snacking has mixed effect on your health. It may be healthy or unhealthy. Most of the tie snacking is unhealthy for you. But if you choose your snack wisely then it would not be harmful:

  • Choose your snack wisely providing calories less than 200 and proteins of at least 10 grams so that it can help you keep yourself full until next meal.
  • If you are traveling keep portable snacks with you so that you may not have hunger strikes.
  • Your activity level and meal size determine the number of snacks you take per day. If you are a very active person then you may have 2 to 3 snacks in a day. But if you are a sedentary person it would be better to have one or no snack during a day.
  • It would be better for you to avoid processed food and high-sugar snack. These snacks make you feel energetic for a short time but you may feel hungrier after one or two hours.

How Snacking Effect Your Health?

According to one review, it is stated that snacking promotes the feeling of fullness for short time and calories are not compensated for at next meal as a result calories intake increased for the day.

Let’s consider an example from a recent study; a man ate almost 200 calories in form of snack just after two hours of breakfast. But he could only compensate 100 calories at lunch. Healthy Snacks Protein So there was net increase of 100 calories. While in other case lean persons were allowed to have high-fat, high-protein and high-carb snacks for almost a week and it did not affect their hunger or calorie intake.

In some case sit is also studied that snacking can reduce hunger. It was studied that those having snacks with high content of fiber and protein had high levels of fullness hormone called GLP-1 and low level of hunger hormone called ghrelin. At the end of day, they also had almost 400 low calories per day.

Based on these different results, it is suggested that snacking can affect appetite but it depends upon the person and kind of snack you consumed.

Effect of Snacking on Weight

After a lot of researches, it is concluded that snacking does not affect weight, but according to some modern researches it is concluded that snacks having high content of fiber and protein can help you in losing weight. Mixed results were obtained as a result of different studies it was indicted that response to weight is dependent on person and time of the day.

What are the qualities of a healthy snack protein?

Not all snacks are healthy. To be very honest most of the snacks are unhealthy. But if you choose wisely you can have healthy snacks. Here are some of the qualities associated with healthy snacks. If your snack has these qualities then you can have them without worrying about it:

Rich in Fiber

Fiber is required by the body. Fiber rich foods have ability to suppress hunger by making us feel full for a longer time. Moreover, it is also responsible for cleaning digestive system. So, I your snack has high fiber content then you will not want another snack for your next meal. 

Low Concentration of Saturated Fats

It is considered that snacks rich in saturated fats increase the level of bad cholesterol which is responsible for causing heart diseases. It would be good to have low concentration of saturated fats to play safe.

Low Sugar Concentration

According to some research it is said that sugar can be a cause of obesity or weight gain. Sugar has a lot of calories and if body does not burn it, it may be stored as fats. So, a healthy diet or snack must have lower concentration of sugar.  

Low Sodium Concentration

Salt is required by the body for proper functioning. But if concentration of sodium is more than normal in salts it may lead to hypertension and high blood pressure. If you choose snacks low in sodium or salt concentration you can keep your blood pressure down to normal. 

Rich in Protein

Our body mainly consists of protein. It is important macronutrient for body. It helps our body to do a lot of important functions like muscle building, maintains healthy bones, and boost our immune system. Our body is unable to store protein so it should be supplied in food, and there is need to make sure that we take enough protein for proper functioning. If we take high protein snacks, we can take enough amount of protein required for functioning our body properly. Most of the snacks rich in low saturated fats and proteins also have high fiber content.

Healthy snacks for you

Healthy snacks are difficult to find. Today there are a lot of healthy snacks options for you today. Low calorie snacks are considered healthy. In this article you will be able to know new snacks options for you which are healthy also and can beat cravings. You will feel clean and energized after having these snacks.


Walnuts are very good for heart health. A quarter to half cup of walnuts make you feel full. They have high concentration of omega-3s which is healthy for heart arrhythmias. According to research it was suggested that walnuts are effective in decreasing oxidation and inflammation in arteries after having fatty meal.

Dried Mangoes

Dried mangoes are very tasty and have limited calories. Mangoes are rich in polyphenols that act as antioxidants and protect humans’ cells from damaging due to oxidative stress, DNA damage and many other degenerative diseases. The most popular antioxidant found in mangoes is mangiferin. It has potential to combat with heart diseases and cancer.

Make sure that mangoes you are going to buy are free from sulphites. Sulfites are food preservatives for maintaining prolong shelf life and food color, maintain potency of certain medications and also prevent growth of some harmful microorganisms. 

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Veggie Sticks

Veggie sticks are basically veggie chips. These little chips are shoved with many nutrients. They are an amazing source of vitamin A, B6, D, E and K. If you have some issues with digestion you need to increase the uptake of vitamin B6 which is involved in metabolism of several enzymes working in the body so, veggie chips are bets in this case. It is also involved in development of brain during pregnancy and infancy.

Apart from this, natural ingredients are used to make these veggie sticks, like tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, non-hydrogenated oils and pure sea salts. These chips have 30% fewer overall fats as compared to normal chips you eat.

Roasted Inchi Seeds Covered with Chocolate

You may have heard about inchi seeds, they are very powerful seeds and the best thing about them is that they are rich in 17 more omega-3s per ounce as compared to wild sockeye salmon. You can say that these are the richest plant source of omega-3s.

They are roasted at lower temperature for preserving omega-3s content. These are gluten free and are rich in protein that make them healthy to eat. You can have them in different flavors of your choice. If you ask me, I would suggest you to eat those with chocolate flavor. They are best in taste.

 Strawberries with Yogurt

Fruits are always considered as healthy addition to your diet as they are rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins low calorie fruits are best in this case. The easiest snack for you is to mix some strawberries with yogurt and keep them in freezer for about twenty minutes. Greek yogurt is best in this case if you are dealing with weight loss as it contains high protein content and keeps hunger away from you. It is a great form of healthy snacks protein.


It is an old saying that an apple a day keeps a doctor away. Apples are considered among the healthiest fruits. Apples have low calories content, a large apple has about one hundred calories. And these calories are enough for suppressing the hunger until the next main meal of the day.

Apples are also best for weight loss. They have plenty of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. They are rich in pectin and flavonoids that can protect your body against cancer and also reduce the blood pressure. It would be better to eat apple with skin not peeled to get most of the nutrition.

You can also take peanut butter with apples. If you want to consume less calories it would be better to prefer natural peanut butter. Peanut butter is packed with fats, carbs and protein so that you may not feel hungry for long time. It would be better to have two table spoons of peanut butter for consuming less calories.

Energy Balls

Homemade-energy ball is another good snack for your health. They are bite-sized morsels full of nutritious ingredients like coconut, dried fruits, nuts and oats. You can keep yourself on track with your health goals by having these fiber and protein rich energy balls. Here is the recipe of this amazing low-calorie snack:

Cashews ¼ cup
Almonds ¾ cup
Dates 1 ½ cup
Shredded unsweetened coconut 1/3 cup
Coconut oil 1 tablespoon
Cocoa powder ¼ cup

You can make this easy and complete snack by rolling the mixture into balls and can store them in refrigerator. Calorie content may vary according to the ingredients you use and size of the ball. Overall your calories in one energy ball are about one hundred.

Vegetable Soup

A cup of hot vegetable soup is enough for a snack providing you with all necessary nutrients, mineral and vitamins from plants. According to research it is estimated that if you take a bowl of vegetables soup before meal you can reduce food intake about 20%. healthy snacks protein It increases the veggie intake by keeping calorie intake in check.

Green Salad with Protein

Green salad with different vegetables and a protein rich source is one of the best and healthiest snacks for you. Try to pair spinach or arugula with non-starchy vegetables like radishes, onions and bell peppers. You can also add pumpkin seeds, grilled salmon or hard-boiled eggs as protein rich source. You can also add Greek yogurt, avocado, chopped garlic, pepper, salt and lemon juice as topping of your amazingly healthy and delicious snack.

OAT MEAL – Rich in Fiber

Oat meal is mostly taken in breakfast. But it is not only for breakfast. It has high content of soluble fiber. healthy snacks protein It is the best kind of snack for people who are suffering from heart diseases and diabetes. It is also high in carbs. Soluble fibers in oat meal help in absorbing cholesterol and blood glucose.


Snacking is eating food to suppress feeling of hunger other than breakfast, lunch or dinner time. Moreover, healthy snacks protein Snacking can be healthy or unhealthy. If you do not choose your snack wisely you may end up having a lot of calories which may result into obesity or weight gain. Even you think of some snacks as healthy snacks but they are not. They are harmful for your health like, processed foods, flavored foods, coffee etc. This article gives you ten different choices of some healthy low-calorie snacks. You can have these snacks according to your taste and health condition. So, give them a chance and enjoy healthy life.