It is a dream of everyone to have flat stomach. Best foods you can have for fighting against belly fats are green tea, yogurt, avocado, fermented foods, nuts, berries and olive oil etc. Best foods to Reduce belly fat these foods mainly boost the metabolism and help in eliminate belly fats.

You can have flat belly by making small changes in your daily diet. But you need to choose your diet wisely according to your health condition. This article will help you in deciding what is good for you and what is not.

What Is Reality of Belly Fat?

If your body has too much belly fats then it is not healthy for your body. Some fat is present just under your skin but some of the fat present deep inside around lungs, liver and some other organs. Visceral fat is good as it provides cushioning around organs but if it is in excess amounts it can cause trouble.Best foods to Reduce belly fat If you have too much visceral fat it may cause type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers and dementia.

Fat is an active part of body, making a lot of compounds. People with increasing obesity have all fat storage area full, and further fat is stored around organs like heart. Every kind of excess fat is dangerous for your health so you need to improve your diet if you want to get rid of excess fat a little exercise can also help in this case.

What Foods Help Burn Belly Fat?

Fighting belly fat is a real struggle. Best foods to Reduce belly fat Here are some of the foods you can try if you want to get rid of your belly fats and you won’t regret.


Lemons are citrus fruits rich in vitamin C. lemons have ability to stimulate gastro intestinal juices and start digestion process. In case of robust digestion body can breakdown food more efficiently and absorbs more nutrients. Both these factors play important role in making body healthy and stomach flat. Squeezing it over salad can give you more benefits. Lemonade is the best option for you if you want it to have as a drink.


Kinds of fat you choose to eat have a strong impact on your body. Processed foods have unhealthy fats, these fats are responsible for promoting inflammation and thus fats are stored in the body. On the other have avocado being a natural food contains healthy fats. Best foods to Reduce belly fat It is a healthy fruit containing omega 3s and 6s. These fats provide long term energy. You can add these delicious fruits to your salad and also add mashed avocados to your sandwich to get health benefits.


Berries are rich in fiber a cup of berries contain about 9 grams of fibers. It also has high content of antioxidants but sugar content is less as compared to most of the fruits. Best foods to Reduce belly fat A combo of different berries is best for you as they make you feel full and suppress hunger. These are healthy fruits for weight loss.

Among all of the berries, raspberries are best having highest content of fiber among all berries. Fiber helps in regulating insulin and also play role in reducing belly fats.


Flavoring food with spices and herbs can also help you in reducing belly fat. Another advantage of spices and herbs is that most of them have diuretic effect that helps in flushing out excess of water. Best herbs to add to your diet are mint, sage, oregano etc.

In case of chilies red and black chili peppers are best. Best foods to Reduce belly fat Chili peppers have capsaicin. This compound can decrease caloric consumption and increase satiety. This compound has also ability to burn fats. So if you want to reduce belly fat you can eat them up raw. You can also sprinkle them over beverages like lemon water or tea and also add the, to food.


Breakfasts with rich protein portion are best to fright against belly fats. Eggs are the best breakfast companions. Best foods to Reduce belly fat According to a research studies it was concluded that people who eat eggs in breakfast are more likely to reduce belly fat and waist circumference as compared to those who have bagel breakfast.

You can add eggs to stir-fry’s, sautés and salads. You can also use them with whole grain toast and vegetables, and this is a healthy breakfast.

Dairy Products

Dairy products like yogurt and milk can also prove helpful in reducing belly fat. An excellent source of probiotics is yogurt rich in lacto bacillus. Instead of eating yogurt in breakfast, try to add plain yogurt to salad or chicken. Best foods to Reduce belly fat Milk is another dairy product can help in reducing belly fats. It is rich in vitamin D and calcium that can help in reducing waste line circumference. So, it would be a good decision to add this to your weight loss plan.

A simple recipe to follow for reducing belly fats is

  • Take a cup of low-fat milk
  • Add a half cup of low sodium cottage cheese

And your breakfast is ready for reducing belly fats.


Onions add flavor to the food but it not all they have. They are also rich in prebiotic fiber. Prebiotics help in feeding already present good bacteria in your gut. Best foods to Reduce belly fat Prebiotic foods produce a compound called butyrate which improves insulin sensitivity. Butyrate can also increase the amount of fat your burn. Best thing you can do with them is to add them in omelets and salads and get desired benefits.


It is full of prebiotics. It is an amazing thing to add in soups, omelets, or pastas. These amazing veggies produce acetate which is an acid in nature and is responsible for turning on fat burning activity.

Sea veggies

Use of sea vegetables is not so common, but they can prove good addition to your food in order to improve nutritional value of food and making it more favorable for weight loss. Best foods to Reduce belly fat Main component of these vegetables is omega-3 fatty acids. These are potential fighters against inflammation. So, sea veggies can help in flattening the belly by suppressing inflammation.  But be careful while buying because some may have high sodium content which is not good so read labels carefully before you buy.

Tea and Coffee

Nothing is better than a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. It fills you up with freshness. Caffeinated drinks can help things moving in the digestive tract of the body. Taking coffee or tea regularly at same time can help you with flat tummy. But if you are adding sugar or other fancy flavoring them you may end up gaining weight.

 Some Tips for Reducing Belly Fats

Belly fats are very irritating and make your clothes feel tight. Everyone wants to get rid of these annoying fats. Best foods to Reduce belly fat. Above all foods are mentioned including drinks, fruits and vegetables you can have for getting a flat belly. Here are some tips you can follow in order to get a flat stomach:

Eat Soluble Fiber

The best thing about soluble fiber is that it forms gel when it absorbs water and this slows down movement of food through digestive track. You feel full and thus eat less. This promotes weight loss and also decreases number of calories absorbed by your body. Flaxseeds, legumes and shirataki noodles.

Avoid Alcohol

A small amount of alcohol may have health benefits but excess use of alcohol is dangerous for health. Too much intake of alcohol can increase belly fats according to recent research. Cutting back on alcohol can help in reducing waist size.

Prefer Plain Yogurt

Most of the people do not like plain yogurt because they do not find it tasty. So, they prefer flavored yogurt. But if you are eating flavored yogurt you are taking extra sugar which is not good for your health. A yogurt you are buying from supermarket gives you 35 grams of extra sugar. So, it would be better for you to use low calorie fruits to add some sweetness to the plain yogurt instead of having flavored yogurt.

Prefer High Protein Food

If you want to control weigh protein is most important nutrient. It is responsible for increasing production of fullness hormone that is responsible for decreasing appetite. So people who eat a lot of protein are less likely to have belly fats. Excellent sources of proteins are met, fish, eggs and beans etc.

Avoid Tran’s Fats

Some foods contain Tran’s fats. These fats are responsible for insulin resistance, heart diseases, abdominal fat gain and inflammation. These fasts are found in margarines, and mostly in packaged foods. When you buy any packaged food, make sure to read labels carefully. Stay away from foods containing trans fats, these are labeled as partially hydrogenated fats.

Cutting Back Desserts

Cakes, ice creams, sweets all of these are included in desserts and are unhealthy to eat. They do not only harmful for our teeth but also can be cause of weight gain as they have high calories and high concentration of cholesterol. These sweet dishes have bad impact in our overall body health. As these gave high concentration of sugar also thus can be a cause of diabetes also. And the worst thing about such food is that they lack nutrients.

Do Not Stress Too Much

Stress can play role in gaining abdominal fat. It triggers production of cortisol from adrenaline glands which is also known as stress hormone. In order to reduce fats from your abdominal area try to engage yourself into pleasurable activities. These activities can help you in relieving stress. Proper medication or practicing yoga can also prove helpful in this regard.

Do Cardio

It is an aerobic exercise, and is an effective method to burn excess calories. It is one of the most effective methods to reduce the abdominal fats according to a recent research.  Time and frequency are the two more important factors then intensity of exercise.

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in healthy fats. While other ghee and oils have unhealthy fats and you may end up having a lot of calories. coconut oil has medium chained fats that boost up your metabolism. Still it has high calories content.

Stay Away from Fast Foods

People are obsessed with fast foods these days. They do not eat home cooked food and preferred to order it from fast food companies. Frequent use of fast food can be really dangerous for your health. These foods have higher concentration of cholesterol causing inflammation, more belly fats and bad blood sugar regulation.

Avoid Sugary Foods

Fructose is responsible for many chronic diseases if taken in excess amount. These diseases are obesity, fatty liver and type-2 diabetes. Unfortunately, it is a major part of sugary foods. High intake of sugar is linked with increased abdominal fat. Not only refined sugar is responsible for weight gain but natural healthier sugar like honey should also be used sparingly.

Avoid Fruit Juices

Even fruit juices are full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, not only this but they also have a lot of sugar as soda. Even some fruit juices you buy from supermarket do not have real fruit juice, they just have artificial flavored. This sugary content can increase abdominal fat.

Avoid Fried Foods

People love to eat fried foods these days like fried chicken or cheese sticks. But unfortunately, these foods have higher concentration of cholesterol and are need to be avoided. They may contain Trans fats which are responsible for increasing risk of heart disease. It can not only lead to heart disease but can also lead to diabetes and obesity as these foods have high calories.


Abdominal fats make you look fat and you may also feel uncomfortable. Belly fats are really annoying and are difficult to reduce. But if you make some changes in your diet and follow healthy routine things will be easy for you. If you prefer healthy and low-calorie foods you may end up reducing your belly fats. Only changing your diet is not helpful, regular exercise can also prove helpful in this regard. You can also follow some tips given above; you will feel the difference.

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