Is Freeze Dried Fruit Healthy

Fresh fruits are much healthy as compared to frozen or dried fruits. But it Is freeze dried fruit healthy does not mean that dried and frozen fruits are not healthy at all they can have same nutritional value but there are also chances that they may have extra calories or sugars.

It is usually recommended to eat fruits and vegetables. Eating fruits can help you a lot in improving your health condition and it can also reduce the disease risk. Is freeze dried fruit healthy Calories in fruits are very low so they are healthy enough. Fruits are a great source of minerals, nutrients, essential vitamins, antioxidants and are rich in fiber.

What Do Fruits Have for You?

Main reason behind considering fruits healthy is their low calories content and rich content of nutrients. Is freeze dried fruit healthy Sugar content of different fruits varies. Some have low sugar content like blackberries and cranberries. While some tropical fruits may contain very high levels of sugar like, jackfruit and mango. Type of sugar also varies from fruit to fruit. Most common sugars found in fruits are fructose and sucrose. Fructose is considered as the dangerous one but evidences are limited.

Nutrients Present in Some Common Fruits

Some of the common fruits we eat often have a lot of benefits for our health. These fruits are commonly available we eat them because we like them without considering their benefits.

Most common fruit is apple found everywhere, it is sweet and delicious in taste. It has high carbohydrate component and most important nutrient it provides is Vitamin C involves in different body functions. Do not peel apple because it contains vitamins. Is freeze dried fruit healthy Avocado is another beneficial fruit containing healthy fats which can help in reducing cholesterol would be best to replace butter with avocado in your sandwich.

Banana has folate and potassium. It is sweet taste is because of potassium and it can help in lowering the blood pressure to normal level. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants. It has best antioxidant abilities as compared to other fresh fruits and vegetables. These berries reduce the risks of age-related diseases for example Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Health Benefits of Fresh Fruits

Fruits are considered as healthy food and we cannot deny importance of fruits in daily life. Fruits are full of nutrients and minerals like potassium, fiber, folic acid etc. Is freeze dried fruit healthy These are good source of vitamins so they play an important role in preventing deficiencies of vitamins in our body. Eating fruits can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Fruits that are rich in nutrients and phytochemicals are citrus fruits, strawberries, cranberries and blueberries. Read the benefits of fruits from here.

Here is some health benefits associated with fruits:

  • Most of the fruits contain potassium that has ability to decrease the risk of stroke and heart diseases. It also helps in decrease bone loss in older age and lowers risk of kidney stones.
  • Folic acid preset in fruits can help in formation of red blood cells. Folate is also necessary for pregnant women as it can prevent the baby from different neural tube birth defects like spina bifida.
  • Some are low calories fruits Is freeze dried fruit healthy while some are high calories. So depending upon your needs you can choose the fruits better for you. On average is it is recommended to eat at least 2 cups of fruits daily.
  • Having fruit rich diet can prevent you from diabetes type-2 and certain cancers.
  • Fruits contain different types of phytochemicals, not all of them are known but they have important role in in maintaining the optimum health.

Being overweight is not a healthy thing and can cause serious health issues. So it is better to lose weight. The major reason behind facing troubles during weight loss is that body of some people cannot handle carbohydrates. Fruits contain a lot of vitamins and carbohydrates so if you are planning to lose weight then Is freeze dried fruit healthy it would be foolish to replace one full meal with a bowl full of fruits. Fruits can also play role in losing weight if you add them to your diet wisely. The best thing you can do is to eat some fruits before or after a workout.

Frozen Fruits

Before freezing the fruits, they are treated with brief heat for stopping enzyme from breaking down the fruit. This heat treatment prevents fruits from spoilage or flavor changes. Freezing is a good method for preserving nutrients as compared to other ways like refrigeration and canning. Is freeze dried fruit healthy for freezing the heat treatment is for very short time while for canning longer heat treatment is given to the fruits.

Why Buy Frozen Fruits?

Frozen fruits are mainly considered as processed fruits. But reality is that most of the healthy fruits are kept in freezer section. Here are some reasons why should someone buy frozen fruits:

  • When a fruit is plucked it starts losing nutrients, so if you want to store it, you may end up having nothing like nutrient. So, it would be better to buy frozen fruits so that its nutritional value may not be affected if you want to store it for longer time.
  • Freezing does not destroy the nutrients of the fruits. But according to a research frozen fruits are rich in nutrients so you can prefer them on fresh fruits.
  • Fruits are frozen in order to preserve them so there is no need to add some other additives and they are completely safe to use.
  • Frozen fruits are prep free there is no need to peel them of or cut them into slices and they are easily edible without any effort.
  • You can use them in different ways, you can make smoothies and use them as topping on oatmeal.

Dried Fruits

Fruit’s sugar is concentrated using drying method. For example, in case of apricot when it is dried sugar content rises from 9.5% to 54.2%. In other words, dried fruits are sugar bombs. Is freeze dried fruit healthy They are about six times higher in energy then fresh fruits as water are removed and fruit is concentrated. It may be a disadvantage but a good thing is that due to concentration effect concentration of vitamins, minerals and nutrients is increased.

How Can You Use Dried Fruits in Different Dishes?

You can use dried fruits in daily cooking in many ways. Here is how you can use them

  • You can use dried fruits in your breakfast cereals, to have a fiber rich and naturally sweeten breakfast. You can add black currants, dried cranberries and raisins in your non sweet bowl of oatmeal.
  • Also, you can make dried fruits a part of cakes, muffins and cookies and make them more delicious and fiber rich. As dried fruits are sweet naturally so you can replace white or processed sugar in baking.
  • You can make your smoothies and milk shakes more nutritious, filling and flavor dense by adding dried fruits.
  • Sweet dried fruits taste can be the best partner of milk products. You can add them to cheese products like tarty.   Creamy taste of milk products becomes deliciously sweet by adding dried fruits.
  • You can also make savory rice dishes more delicious by adding dried fruits. Pulavs and biryanis are also cooked by adding a lot of dried fruits and nuts to add a little sweetness to them. You can also add them to vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries for enjoying a delicious food.

How Can You Make Dried Fruits at Home?

Not all fruits are for drying some fruits are not good for consumption in de-hydrated form. While most common fruits are easy to dry at home like bananas, apricots, raisins, pineapples, berries, apples and figs etc. you need to follow these simple steps for making dried fruits at your home:

  • You need to work on the pulp for this purpose remove stems and leaves first.
  • Wash the fruits under clean water and remove any dirt or debris on the fruit. Once you cleaned the fruit completely now dry it with towel.
  • Now you have to de seed the fruit and remove any inedible part of the fruit. Now you can have a pure dehydrated peel and pulp.

Dried fruit should not be undercooked or overcooked and it should be chewy. You can dehydrate by

  • Using dehydrator
  • Using oven for drying
  • You can also dehydrate fruits outside in the sun

All of these methods provide different taste and texture to the fruit. If you are using oven for making dried fruit pre heat it at lowest temperature and then stick the fruit. Keep an eye on it to make sure that they are not burnt. Fruits you dry at home taste much different and better as compared to those you buy at store. But maybe you are not used to that homemade dried fruit, but with time you may develop taste for it.


In this method the fruit is first frozen and then it is placed in under low pressure in vacuum. Ice crystals are sublimated at very low pressure, this turns solid ice into water vapors. Using this method water is removed more efficiently than traditional method. This method removes water effectively but structure of the fruit is not disturbed. This is the best method for preserving soft fruits like strawberries raspberries and these are low in sugar. It is the most convenient and preferable method these days.

Just like freezing this method also increases vitamin and nutrient content of the fruit but you may loss some vitamins also like vitamin C. as they have less water content so you may eat more pieces of fruits and end up having more calories and sugar.

What Are Benefits of Freeze-Dried Fruits?

Purpose of freeze-dried fruits is to help people. So, they can enjoy best food with best taste easily:

  • Despite all the steps it goes through, it is rich in flavor and is satisfying. You can pair it with fresh fruits also.
  • They are readily available for you when you want nutrients and vitamins, shelf life of these fruits is very long.
  • These fruits are travel friendly as they take minimum space and you can eat them wherever you want.

What are some healthy fruits?

You can make these healthy fruits a part of your daily diet:


Apples are easy addition to diet as they are easily available and do not have any side effects. These have high fiber content and promote weight loss. If you want to get maximum health benefits eat apple without removing skin. It contains pectin which helps in maintaining good gut health.


Grapefruit is a healthy citrus fruit and can be white, pink or red. It has a great ability to reduce insulin resistance and helps in weight loss. It is also helpful in reducing cholesterol level. Eating grapefruit lowers the risk of kidney stones.


Lemons are citrus fruits rich in vitamin C. they have potential for lowering blood pressure or blood lipid. According to some recent research on animals it was concluded that the plant substances present in lemons can help in preventing weight gain.


It is not like other fruits and is a bit different. Most of the fruits have high carbs but in case of avocado there are low carbs. It contains healthy fats. Oleic acid is the most abundant fat present in avocado. It is a monounsaturated fat responsible for reducing inflammation. Moreover, it also helps in lowering cholesterol level.


It is necessary to make healthy foods a part of your life if you want to spend a healthy life. Fruits are considered as the healthiest food on the planet as they are rich in minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Fruits are available in fresh, frozen and dried form. All these forms have their own benefits. Fresh fruits are best for instant eating but if you want to store fruits for a long time, freezing or drying is the best you can do. You can also dry fruits at your home for your convenience. All these forms are healthy in their own way, but you need to choose your food wisely if you want to enjoy good health.

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