Which Snacks Are Harmful for Your Health?

Some foods are healthy and some are not, but you get confused and cannot decide which food is good for you and which is bad. Some of the harmful snacks for your health are crackers, cereal bars, etc. some snacks are considered healthy but they are not. Which Snacks are harmful for your health? Some of these are frozen and flavored yogurt, trail mix, flavored soy milk, and fat-free cheese.

There are a lot of other snacks that are harmful to your health. But you should know what is snacking first and how it can be dangerous for your health. Some people think that snacking is healthy while some think that snacking is not healthy and you may end up gaining weight.

What Is Snacking?

Snacking means eating beverages or food between regular meals when you feel hungry. High-calorie items and processed foods like cookies and chips are referred to as snack foods. Which snacks are harmful for your health. Hunger is the basic reason behind snacking. But there are also some other factors contributing to snacking as well for example location, time of day, food availability and social environment. Some people even snack without hunger because some appetizing food is around.

How Can Snack Affect Weight and Appetite?

Effects of snacking on appetite and weight were studied and mix results were produced. Which snacks are harmful for your health. Snacking has different effects on different people.

How Snacking Affects Appetite?

According to one review, it is stated that snacking promotes the feeling of fullness for a short time and calories are not compensated for at the next meal as a result calories intake increased for the day.

Let’s consider an example from a recent study; a man ate almost 200 calories in the form of a snack just after two hours of breakfast. But he could only compensate 100 calories at lunch. So, there was a net increase of 100 calories. Which Snacks are harmful for your health? While in other case lean persons were allowed to have high-fat, high-protein and high-carb snacks for almost a week and it did not affect their hunger or calorie intake.

In some case, sit is also studied that snacking can reduce hunger. It was studied that those having snacks with a high content of fiber and protein had high levels of fullness hormone called GLP-1 and a low level of a hunger hormone called ghrelin. At the end of the day, they also had almost 400 low calories per day.

Based on these different results, it is suggested that snacking can affect appetite but it depends upon the person and kind of snack you consumed.

How Snacking Affects Weight?

After a lot of researches, it is concluded that snacking does not affect weight, but according to some modern researches, it is concluded that snacks having a high content of fiber and protein can help you in losing weight. Which Snacks are harmful for your health? Mixed results were obtained as a result of different studies it was indicted that response to weight is dependent on person and time of the day.

How Can Someone Do Healthy Snacking?

As it is mentioned above that snacking has a mixed effect on your health. It may be healthy or unhealthy. Most of the tie snacking is unhealthy for you. But if you choose your snack wisely then it would not be harmful:

  • Choose your snack wisely providing calories less than 200 and proteins of at least 10 grams so that it can help you keep yourself full until next meal.
  • If you are traveling keep portable snacks with you so that you may not have hunger strikes.
  • Your activity level and meal size determine the number of snacks you take per day. If you are a very active person then you may have 2 to 3 snacks in a day. But if you are a sedentary person it would be better to have one or no snack during a day.
  • It would be better for you to avoid processed food and high-sugar snack. These snacks make you feel energetic for a short time but you may feel hungrier after one or two hours.

Healthy Snacks for You

A healthy snack provides you fiber and protein. It should provide you energy but should provide you low calories. The sugar content of healthy snacks is very low. Here are some of the healthy snacks you can have:

BEANS – Rich in Protein

Canned beans can be turned into inexpensive sack rich in protein. Kidney beans, chickpeas, and navy beans can be used for this purpose. Which Snacks are harmful for your health. Beans are rich in fiber and protein thus can help you in keeping blood sugar under control. Beans are an important part of the DASH Diet and it is the best approach for preventing from high blood pressure.

NONFAT YOGURT – Protein-Rich Snack

This can keep you full for a longer time as it has a high content of protein. A serving can contain from 12 to 24 grams of protein depending upon the kind of nonfat yogurt you choose to have. It is wise to choose nonfat yogurt to eat as it can help in lowering blood pressure. It is also a component of the DASH diet.


Pistachios have a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids; they can lower levels of bad cholesterol. Which Snacks are harmful for your health? They have a low content of carbohydrates. It would be better to prefer shelled pistachios so that you may not have an overdose of these nuts. For a single snack take just one handful or one ounce if you want to have healthy serving.

OATMEAL – Rich in Fiber

Oatmeal is mostly taken in breakfast. But it is not only for breakfast. It has a high content of soluble fiber. Also, it is the best kind of snack for people who are suffering from heart diseases and diabetes. It is also high in carbs. Soluble fibers in oatmeal help in absorbing cholesterol and blood glucose.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are healthy to eat and they have the least unhealthy effects if you choose them wisely. Which Snacks are harmful for your health? Fruit snack calories are low if you have chosen fruits according to your health condition. A small bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables having low calories is best for you if you are feeling hungry.

Harmful Snacks for You

Most of the time snacks are unhealthy for you because you are unaware of the calories they have and toxins preset in their packaging. Some of the snacks everyone thinks that are healthy but they have serious effects on or health. Some of the harmful snacks for your health are as follows:

Flavored Yogurt

Most of the people do not like plain yogurt because they do not find it tasty. So, they prefer flavored yogurt. Which Snacks are harmful for your health? But if you are eating flavored yogurt you are taking extra sugar which is not good for your health. A yogurt you are buying from supermarket gives you 35 grams of extra sugar. So, it would be better for you to use low-calorie fruits to add some sweetness to the plain yogurt instead of having flavored yogurt.

Fat-Free Cheese

When you see fat free label on any food product you think that it is healthy. There are some things you need to know that what it means actually

  • Not all fats are bad for your health, if you are having a fat free food, this means you are missing those heart-healthy fats.
  • Another thing about fat-free food is that they have fat replacements like extra sugar or sodium to compensate the flavor loses.
  • Fat-free foods do not satisfy hunger leading to overeating.

So, it would be better to not choose the fat-free foods as your snack. This food won’t give you an advantage but a disadvantage.

Peanut Butter (Reduced Fats)

Just like fat-free cheese, reduced peanut butter also has low-fat content but added sugars and fillers and calories are even more per serving. So, it would be better for you to go for a natural version of peanuts with full-fat content.  

Flavored Soy Milk

Well if you are going to buy soy milk you are making a healthy decision for yourself as it has high protein and potassium concentration and low cholesterol level.  But once you choose vanilla or chocolate flavor for yourself you are doing badly for yourself. If you want an everyday snack plain soy milk is best, and for occasional use flavored soy milk is good.

Trail Mix

It sounds pretty healthy and delicious to have dried fruits and nuts mixed for your snack. But it is really nor. Because a packet you buy from the market has different additional components like excess salts, sugars, and chocolate chips also to give it a good flavor. And with a small handful of these mixed dried fruits and nuts you can easily get more than 300 calories, believe me, it is very unhealthy.

Sugary Sodas

When we talk about food caloriesmost of the time, we neglect beverages. Liquid calories go down even more easily. And sugary sodas have a higher content of calories than any other food items. They have a really bad effect on your health, you cannot even imagine. Its flavor may feel you great but it does not have any fiber or protein to make you feel satisfied.

Processed Foods

Most of the people think that it is healthy to have pretzels as they have low-fat content and less sodium. Which is true but the thing is they do not have any nutrition for you. Most of the processed foods are produced in such a way that they do not have enough nutrition for you. You may feel energetic after eating this food but it will for a very short time.


Most of the people think that coffee is an energy drink with very low calories. Well, it is good to some extent. It can lower the hunger, but not for a longer time. Especially in the afternoon, you will want to eat anything in the sight if you are starving.

Potato Chips

Processed foods like chips have extra salts and this makes them delicious but the thing is they contain sodium for processing but the iodine which is necessary for the production of thyroid hormone. Using these processed foods, we are not getting benefits of iodine. People who do not eat seafood, and rely on processed snack may have a deficiency of iodine which is not good for health.

Flavored Water

It is necessary to drink water or staying hydrated, especially in summers. But you need to be careful with flavored ones. It looks like these flavored bottles of water are healthy having additional vitamins, but read the labels. 8 ounces can provide 50 calories and these bottles contain about 16 to 20 ounces which means you could be consuming more calories.


We know a lot of health benefits of chocolate. Chocolates have a lot of antioxidants but the thing is the sugar level of milk chocolates is very high. So, eating a lot of chocolate bars s no healthy at all. You can have 1 to 2 squares to get health benefits.

Fruit Gummies

When the word fruit comes. You think that it is healthy to eat but the case is not same with fruit gummies. It would be better for you to eat fruits in original then eating these gummies as they have more sugar content and less nutritional value. Thus there is no net benefit for you.

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Snacking is eating food to suppress the feeling of hunger other than breakfast, lunch or dinner time. Snacking can be healthy or unhealthy depending upon the kind of snack you choose, but most of the time it is unhealthy. You may end up gaining weight because most of the snacks have high calories and high sugar content. Even you think of some snacks as healthy snacks but they are not. They are harmful to your health like processed foods, flavored foods, coffee, etc. You need to avoid these kinds of harmful snacks and prefer healthy snacks like beans, pistachios, and oatmeal, etc. These kinds of snacks can help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.