Vegetarianism is beneficial for health as it helps you to lower the body weight, keep cholesterol levels to normal, lowers risk of cancer development, diabetes, heart diseases, and many more. Moreover, being Vegetarian health benefits also allow you to have nutrition rich food which is ageing beneficial for health.

It also imposes some health risks but if you choose your diet wisely then you will face less issues regarding health. Vegetarianism has become very popular these days. Many people cut off meat from their diets for various purposes. Before knowing benefits of vegetarianism, you need to know what is vegetarianism actually.

What Is Meant by Vegetarianism?

Vegetarianism means practicing of eating only vegetables and not meat or fish because of religious or other health issues. Some people become vegetarian to avoid meat for animal welfare, for using less environmental resources or because use of hormones and antibiotics in livestock. also do not eat meat because they cannot afford. Some people also adopted vegetarianism for enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

While some people eat eggs, drink milk but do not eat any kind of meat. It is totally based on their choices. If you are a vegetarian you need to be very careful while making choice regarding your diet in order to get all necessary nutrients.

Things to Consider While Becoming A Vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian is not so easy. Most of the time teenagers and children choose to be a vegetarian. If your kid is vegetarian you need to ensure that its diet contains all key nutrients.

Anyone who wants to become a vegetarian, needs to educate himself. You can become a vegetarian at once and it is better, but if you gradually change yourself to a vegetarian then it is even more beneficial. There could be the following reason behind it

  • When you change yourself gradually, it is a long-term change and
    becomes a lifestyle.
  • A sudden change in diet may affect your digestive system in start.
  • Moreover, due change in micro biome there are also chances of
    temporary bloating like muscle repair may take a longer time
    without intake of animal protein.

This impact can be reduced by replacing meat with protein rich vegetables gradually like beans and legumes. Another method that can help you, is using meat free foods for example, salad, and cheese macaroni before trying new ingredients and recipe.

Tips You Can Follow

Healthy tips can make life easier when you try to do something new.  Adopting vegetarianism is not so easy. People who want to follow vegetarianism can follow these tips:

  • Follow varied diet including legumes, nuts, vegetables, whole
    grains and fruits
  • Also eat eggs and dairy products of and on
  • Keep source of B12 as a part of your diet for example fortified
    breakfast cereal
  • If your exposure to sunlight is very low, ensure its sufficient intake,
    you can also take mushrooms for this purpose
  • Do not eat processed foods
  • Prefer foods that are low in calories especially when you are
    struggling with weight loss

All these tips can help you keep yourself healthy fit and fresh. Moreover, you will have to face less health issues.

What Are Risks Associated with Vegetarian Diet?

Vegetarian diet is very healthy and its health benefits will be explained later. But some risks are still associated with vegetarianism that you need to know to keep yourself healthy and full of nutrients. Here are some risks associated with vegetarianism:

Lack of Nutrients

There are certain nutrients associated with fish or meat. If a person does not eat meat, he may end up lacking many necessary nutrients. If he avoids eggs and dairy products also, deficiency of certain nutrients is on another level. There may be deficiency of following nutrients if you are taking vegetarian diet:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Protein
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc

If your diet includes vegetables rich in these nutrients, you may not face the trouble. So be careful while choosing your veggie diet.

Effects of Nutrients Deficiency on Health

Above nutrients are required by the body for proper functioning. Here are some risks associated with deficiency of these nutrients:

  • Deficiency of zinc causes loss in appetite, diarrhea, skin and eye
    lesions and delayed wound healing.
  • Deficiency of vitamin B can cause fatigue and loss of balance
  • Deficiency of vitamin D can cause rickets in children, it also leads
    to loss of bone deficiency

Mood Swings

Research on mood changes of vegetarians showed mix results. A most common observation made was that vegetarian people are more likely to be depressed. People who take both meat and vegetables had less stress and anxiety issues. People who become vegetarian faced mental issues that are not severe but due to change in diet.

How Can Someone Fulfill Nutrient Deficiency with Vegetarian Diet?

Above mentioned nutrients are must provide to the body because their deficiency can cause serious health issues. Here are some suggestions following which you can have essential amount of these nutrients:

  • Iron is required by the body for proper functioning. if you are on
    vegetarian diet you must add sea vegetables, fortified cereals,
    legumes, dried fruits etc. moreover intake of citrus fruits like
    tomatoes can help in maximum absorption of iron
  • Calcium is obtained from milk and other dairy products but if you
    are avoiding dairy products then it would be better for you to
    make green leafy vegetables and dried figs a part of your diet. So
    that you may not end up having calcium deficiency.
  • For fulfilling vitamin D requirement make sure to have fortified
    breakfast cereals. Exposure to sunlight is also necessary.
  • Zinc is required by the body for proper functioning of immune
    system and cell metabolism. You can fulfill zinc requirement from
    nuts, dried beans and soy products.
  • Deficiency of riboflavin can be fulfilled by adding broccoli,
    bananas and soy to your diet.

How Vegetarianism Is Healthy for You?

As compared to meat diet vegetarian diet has less saturated fats and cholesterol level. This diet is rich in magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, carotenoids, flavonoids etc. so as a result this diet lowers bad cholesterol, lowers body mass index and lowers blood pressure. Vegetarianism has a lot for you. Here is some of the health benefits associated with vegetarianism.

Cholesterol Level

If you are living a healthy lifestyle than you will have maintained cholesterol levels in the body. Use of more fruits and vegetables can help you in maintaining the levels of cholesterol as they are considered as healthy food items.  Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids has healthy effects on your health. It can be done without eating meat and having a vegetarian diet.

Protection Against Various Diseases

Being vegetarian can save you from a lot of chronic diseases. Here are some of the benefits you can have from vegetarianism regarding disease protection:

  • According to research it was concluded that vegetarians have
    lower risk of heart diseases as compared to meat eaters. Nuts and walnuts are also heart
    All these mentioned foods are part of vegetarian diet
    keep you away from chronic heart diseases.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables is healthy and can reduce risk of
    different cancers. Vegetarians have lower chances of developing
    cancer as compared to non-vegetarians. Those eating
    fruits and vegetables have less carcinogenic substances in their
  • Research also showed that people who take vegetables as their diet
    are less likely to have diabetes type 2. Risk of developing diabetes
    was half in vegetarians as compared to non-vegetarian.

Bone Health

Women re mostly reluctant to have a vegetarian diet because of osteoporosis. Those who rely on vegetables and do take any other thing as calcium source they are more likely to have fractures but those who take an alternative source for calcium they are less likely to have fractures.

But still you can fulfill calcium requirements choosing your diet wisely. High potassium content of these vegetables is also help in lowering blood acidity and urinary excretion of calcium. Green leafy vegetables and fortified foods can provide you vitamin D and K to ensure bone health and strength.

Perfect Lean Figure

Everyone wants to look slim and smart. Having a vegetarian diet has an amazing effect on your figure. Vegetarian diet consists of less calories and fats so as a result vegetarian have less weight as compared to others. Vegetarian health benefits. Best diet in this case includes nus, seeds, grains, fruits legumes and vegetables. Vegetarians have a lot of knowledge about healthy food and they try to eat better.

Rich in Nutrients

As it is stated again and again that vegetarian diet is a great and healthy source of nutrients, here are the most common nutrients found in almost every kind of vegetable:

  • Vitamin C, for maintaining healthy immune system, repair and
    growth of cells
  • Vitamin A, for boosting skin and eye health
  • Potassium, for controlling blood pressure

Vegetarian diet is rich in all these nutrients.

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Less Toxic

Toxicity level of vegetarian diet is very low as they are pure and organic. Commercial meat, seafood, poultry has more toxins, parasites and bacteria resulting in cause of food borne illness. While you need not to be worried about this if you are a vegetarian. Eating less processed food is also responsible for reducing chances of food borne illness.

Sports Performance

Sports persons prefer protein intake but they are actually unaware about vegetarian diet. If you have good fat, high carbohydrate, mineral and vitamin rich vegetarian diet you will show good sports performance. Number of vegetarian sportsmen continues to increase day by day as awareness is increasing.

Skin and Sight

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and other substances which are good for healthy skin and eyesight. Vegetarian health benefits. So, people who follow vegetarian diet tend to have good sight and perfect skin.

Low Calories

Fruits and vegetables are healthy to eat and they have least unhealthy effects if you choose them wisely. Vegetable calories are low if you have chosen vegetables according to your health condition. A small bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables having low calories is best for you if you are feeling hungry. It also prevents you from heart diseases.


Being vegetarian is a good thing. Even people should eat everything in order to fulfill nutrient requirements within balanced diet. If you are a vegetarian you can get some extra benefits. You can have less chances of developing chronic diseases. Vegetarian health benefits. Not only this you can have a perfect figure. You can all of this if you choose your diet wisely. These also some risk associated with vegetarianism. if you do not select you diet like you may end up having deficiency of certain nutrients. Vegetarian health benefits. You may have poor bone health. But health benefits of vegetarianism are far more then drawbacks. You just need to be careful while choosing diet and use an effective method to adopt vegetarianism for a longer time.

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